Dimensional Management

Dimensional Management

Introduction: engineering methodology combined with computer-simulation tools used to improve quality and reduce cost. The objective is to create a design and process that "absorbs" as much variation as possible without affecting the function of the product.

F. Weidenhiller | VSA

MBD: Model Based Definition

CAD files used to exchange PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) data. Opportunities of data digitization and data standardization along the product development process.

Enrico Boesso | EnginSoft

GD&T: ISO & ASME standards

Current regulatory framework and future trends. Main reasons for which your company should be aware of these standards (and why it is not!).

Gianmaria Concheri, Roberto Meneghello | Università di Padova

GD&T: basic concepts

Role of the standards in design intent communication: functional requirements, basic concepts in geometric deviations, datum reference frames, geometric & dimensional tolerances.

Francesco Leali | Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia

GD&T Advisor

Validation of the tolerance annotations based on the adopted standard: an aid for the standardization from a dedicated tool.

Chris Wilkes | Sigmetrix

Tolerance Analysis and Synthesis (Optimization)

Effect of the propagation of parts-related tolerances to the final product: calculation of 3D tolerances chains, preliminary (virtual) design validation and smart corrective actions. Optimization of the tolerance widths based on the functional requirements and production-related costs.

Enrico Boesso | EnginSoft

Dimensional Controls

Leverage MDB in dimensional controls: automation of the inspection plans, conformity of the measures to the functional requirements, statistical process control and virtual evaluation of non-compliances.

Gabriele Graziosi | GOM