Introduction to Systems Engineering and
the mutual relationships with the simulation world


  • Introduce the participants to the basic concepts of Systems Engineering and highlight the connections with the simulation environment

  • Illustrate and propose for discussion the key success factors of Verification, Validation and Testing, semiformal SysSML models and formal simulation models

  • Enhance the value which could be extracted by integrating the simulation into the development and the overall system life-cycle management

  • Connect the Systems Engineering environment, represented by the INCOSE/AISE practitioners with the simulation one


Speakers and facilitators

Carlo Leardi
AISE – Associazione Italiana Systems Engineering, VV&T working group

Alfredo Garro
AISE Technical Director, Associate Professor of Computer and Systems Engineering

James Towers
INCOSE UK Model Based System Engineering working group, EnginSoft UK MBSE consultant

Surak Perera
Maplesoft, Senior application engineer

Giovanni Borzi
EnginSoft, Area manager


Frontal session

Introduction to Systems Engineering,
Overview of Systems Engineering basic concepts

Carlo Leardi

Formal Requirements Modeling for Simulation-Based Verification

Alfredo Garro

Semiformal and formal models relationships
Minimizing risk through integrating fast, high-fidelity modelling tools

James Towers, Surak Perera


Simulation as key success factor to afford systems complexity and not cooperate with it

Opened discussion with testimonials, SWOT relationships close-out

Wrap up and closing

Wrap-up and documental activity

Closing remarks, preliminary document presentation and collection of availabilities to finalize it