MOX, Department of Mathematics Politecnico di Milano
President of SIMAI

“Mathematics and Industry 4.0”

It is recognised the mathematics and scientific computing has had enormous effects on industrial innovation, even instrumental to opening up new types of business, like the Page Rank algorithm at the base of Google web search procedures.

Industry 4.0 opens up new challenges to applied mathematicians. For instance, how to integrate data awareness in the mathematical models that drive the optimization of industrial processes. There is the need of new competences that integrate skills on mathematical modeling and numerics with statistics and data analysis, breaking some traditional barriers.  In this talk we discuss some example of such integration and how it may be instrumental to the objectives of I4.0.


Luca Formaggia is currently the Head of the MOX Laboratory of the Department of Mathematics of Politecnico di Milano and President of SIMAI, the Italian Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

After his PhD in Numerical Methods for Engineering at the University of Swansea, UK, he spent a few years as Senior Scientist at Alenia Aeronautica, Turin, Italy, where he was involved in the development of codes for external aerodynamics. He later joined CRS4 in Cagliari, Italy, where he worked in the group of Applied Mathematics with the role of Head of the CFD unit. In 1998 he joined the Chair of Alfio Quarteroni at EPFL, Lausanne as First Assistant until 2002, when he was appointed Associate Professor in Numerical Analysis at Politecnico di Milano. He then became full professor at the same institution in 2006. His research interests span different aspects of applied mathematics, mainly numerical analysis of PDEs with applications ranging from numerical modeling of the cardiovascular system to problems in computational geosciences. He has given keynote and plenary talks at 12 international conferences, he is author of more than 60 articles in international journals and has contributed to two monographs.

He is Chief Editor of the SEMA-SIMAI Springer series, which publishes volumes dedicated to various aspects of applied and industrial mathematics. He has been member of the Editorial and Advisory Board of several international journals and of the Scientific Committee of numerous international conferences.